Let's get ready to rumble

Despite Drug Czar Gil Kerlipigski's claim to have ended the drug war - yes, he really did say it - the drug war continues unabated. And Obama is on track to oversee a record number of arrests. Yet leaders in drug policy reform continue to cozy up to politicians in an endlessly vain attempt to curry favor for our positions. But it is those same politicians that, just like Tuesday follows Monday, continue to support laws and policies that keep the drug business in the hands of criminal cartels and crazies. Fuck cozying up to these pricks.

Drug policy reform leaders have confused access with success. They leave Congressional offices all aglow and smiling, yet always empty-handed (and often with something dripping down their chins). So instead of currying favor, drug policy reform leaders should declare war on these political hacks - even if, and especially if, it shuts down their access. Make them publicly defend the indefensible by telling citizens why they think it's best to keep drugs prohibited and controlled by criminal organizations. And why they don't care that "the children" have unfettered access to drugs. We're not the ones who declared this war, but we'd better quit acting like Neville Chamberlain if we expect to end it. If it's a fight they want, and it appears that's the case, we should give them one. The best first step is to quit sucking up and start getting down.

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