the war inside the war against the war on drugs

Pete Guither writes one of the best drug policy reform blogs out there: On December 10th, Pete ran a piece titled, "Another poll." And it generated a shit-load of comments, many of them heated and accusatory. They pitted the incrementalists, those defending the go-slow status quo in drug policy reform, exemplified by medical marijuana, against those advocating the repeal of all drug prohibitions. It was quite the deal, if not quite a hissy fit. So Pete felt the need to follow up with another piece titled "We're not in it for the short haul." It was as much a call for a truce among us squabblers as it was a defense of the status quo - with caveats.

And it's all a little sad. Because our opponents in the drug war, raving lunatics all, love it when we have a lover's quarrel. It's like icing on their cake. It pleases them no end that we've taken the incremental approach to drug policy reform. They've said all along that medical marijuana is just a Trojan Horse for full legalization, and it appears these raving fucking lunatics are on the money. In California, at least, there is hardly an ailment you can come up with that doesn't qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor. It wasn't supposed to be that way. It was supposed to be for those among us suffering debilitating if not life-threatening illnesses. And folks are beginning to take notice. Maybe not in California but in other states pondering the merits of medical marijuana.

So for all you drug policy reform leaders that believe our wink and a nod approach will be forgiven, I've got a bridge somewhere just dyin' to meet you.

Stay healthy and high when it helps