our blue moon

As many of you may know, I attended the Mushroom Ball on New Year's Eve. I had a wonderful time, tripping the light fantastic. It was also the last time in our lifetime we'll witness a blue moon on New Year's Eve, and the odds of it happening again at the turn of a decade are virtually impossible to calculate. So it was something special to behold. I don't know how it looked from where you were, but down here in SW Florida it was absolutely stunning. The cloud formation was one never seen before (verified by attendees not under the mushroom influence...), covering the entire sky like a tufted quilt - save an opening where the blue moon appeared clear as a bell. And as someone who believes the blue moon was more than just a cosmic coincidence, I wondered what possible significance it could have for drug policy reform.

My hope? Well, I'd love to see everyone in drug policy reform abandon the incremental approach and unite behind the greater good of advocating for the total repeal of drug prohibition. Medical marijuana is the smallest piece of the puzzle, and to have it approved in just 13 states in 14 years is nothing to brag about - although bragging seems to be the common thread among drug policy reform groups. Prohibitionists are thrilled that we're so focused on medical marijuana, rightfully knowing it'll be decades before that tide turns and we actually get serious about ending the most destabilizing social experiment since slavery.

A man can dream, right? Especially every once in a blue moon...

Stay healthy and high when it helps