ObamaCare for junkies

The short and simple truth is that there isn't any. Nowhere in the bill is there any quarter given: no clean needles for intravenous drug users, parochially known as junkies. ObamaCare doesn't seem to actually care, though clean needles would stem the spread of HIV/Aids by well over 50%. Think about that. One of the most deadly and ever-changing viruses, with no known cure, is allowed to spread simply because IV-drug users are deemed disposable and, in some circles, less than human. But, hey, Obama got those insurance fucks to cover your pre-existing back problem, right?

So for all those out there clinking glasses and still awash in the glow of victory, raise a toast to junkies everywhere. Their lives will not improve under ObamaCare, and many will be lost because of it - for want of a thirty-cent clean syringe. Cheers!!

Stay healthy and high when it helps