California or bust(ed?)

Seems like all the buzz, as it were, inside drug policy reform is about the cannabis initiative on California's ballot this November. If it passes - a big if - cannabis will become, after all the court challenges are settled, of course, legal for all California adult residents. It would follow that all the medical marijuana dispensaries currently in business will simply crossover from caregiver to become full-fledged (and full-profit-seeking) marijuana merchants. If anything, it will end the argument, one that is increasingly being made and believed, that the majority of current medical marijuana patients pervert the profile of the law's original beneficiary. And just in the nick of time...

Then what? Will similar laws pass in other states? Or will the backlash retard such envisioned progress? Those are just two of the questions facing the future of drug policy reform. And I've not read or been told of any plans drug policy reform leaders have on the drawing board to address them (or the myriad other questions sure to be asked). I would like to believe that I've been kept out of the loop due to my objection to using medical marijuana as the primary focus of drug policy reform, and that Ethan et al. have it all figured out. Burt that would be giving myself far more credit than I deserve, so my money says that drug policy reform leaders have no such plans and will be flying by the seat of their pants (and, to be fair, skirts). My 40 years inside the business world witnessing those flying in such a manner shows that most, if not all, end up with bruised and bloodied butts.

Stay healthy and high when it helps