National Geographic on acid

Last week, as many of you may know, National Geographic aired a special titled "Inside LSD." As someone with a 40-year love affair tripping the light fantastic, I greatly anticipated what Nat/Geo had to say about LSD, one of the most misunderstood and maligned substances known to man - and enjoyed by over 20 million Americans. And what they did was very well done. My only complaint is that my friend, Nick Sand, was given less than 30 seconds of air time. Nick was the 60s anthropologist turned chemist that was responsible for making many tens of millions of hits of the best LSD on the planet. Perhaps his most famous creation, and still considered the standard for purity, was Orange Sunshine. My first experience back in the summer of 1970 was with 300 micrograms of Orange Sunshine, and it created a memory that even Alzheimer's will not erase. So tonight I'll talk about LSD and Nick, and why it was a tragedy and travesty that Nick spent 8 years in prison for his efforts in bringing enlightenment and joy to millions around the world.

Also, all the grand poobahs of drug policy reform are meeting now in New Mexico, mapping out future strategy or maybe just to have another group hug - depending on your perspective. My perspective, based on attending many of them, is that most resembled a group hug... That being said, group hugs have merit. So I'll talk tonight on the state of drug policy reform and toss my two cents in regarding its future.

Stay healthy and high when it helps