Minority Report: the sequel

Remember "Minority Report," the so-so movie starring Tom Cruise? The premise was that "pre-cog" individuals could "see" crime before it happened, allowing the good guys to catch the bad guys before they actually became bad guys. Only in Hollywood, right? Wrong. It appears Obama's Justice Department believes such an idea (substituting computers and cops for the movie's creepy pre-cog freaks) can work in real life, turning on its head the conventional wisdom that art imitates life. As such, the DOJ is right now conducting a little confab in LA to discuss the implementation of predictive policy tests in Los Angeles, Chicago, DC and several other high-crime areas around the country. Should Obama implement such a batshit crazy policy after the tests (which you just know will be deemed "successful"), it will be a travesty of justice and another slap in the face to drug policy reform leaders.

I've got an idea: let's turn the tables and use the same predictive practices to judge current police policies and procedures, especially as they relate to drug prohibition. The evidence is empirical that those policies and procedures are unmitigated failures. So it would seem a good idea to intercede on the behalf of citizens before the cops go batshit crazy and put even more harmless stoners in handcuffs and behind bars.

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