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Can I get some cocaine with my Red Bull?

Apparently so. Red Bull, one of the most popular tonics to the younger crowd, seems to have a sister drink called Red Bull Simply Cola. And on May 19 it was banned in several German states due to the finding of .4 micrograms of cocaine in every can! Now, mind you, a microgram is one millionth of a gram. So .4 micrograms is no bigger than a grain of sand and couldn't even make a gnat's nose numb. "We have a zero-tolerance policy toward food products containing narcotic traces" a spokesperson for the German killjoys said.

How to listen

Links to listen live: iTunes or WinAmp Windows Real Media Player Real Player Call Daniel anytime during the show at 727.493.2205 or by using skype. Daniel's skype ID is thenewlibertarian

Should cocaine be legal? Of course!

Tonight I'll be discussing the pros and cons of creating a regulated market to control the sale and distribution of coca leaf and its big sister, cocaine. In order to sell such an idea, it's important to paint a picture of what that market would look like. That's the main theme of tonight's show. And I'll not just speak to the benefits to our country, but to other areas of the world, specifically South America. And I'll want to know what you think. So send me an email with your comment or question - if you include your phone number, we'll call and put you on the show.

We're all "small-l" Libertarians

Most everyone believes in government and freedom, just in less of the former and more of the latter - which pretty much defines the small-l Libertarian. But the reason there's not more capital-L Libertarians is that the Libertarian Party has yet to successfully articulate their "less government, more freedom" message in ways that resonate with the electorate at large. And that was the theme of my remarks this past weekend at the Kentucky/Indiana Libertarian Party 2009 Convention.

Drug czar calls for end to "War on Drugs." Daniel has heart attack...

Well, not really. But I came pretty damn close to stroking-out today when I read this headline on page 3 of the Wall Street Journal: White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs.' Of course, it turns out that the White House will no longer use the term 'war on drugs,' but continue to chase down and arrest every pot smoker and pill popper they can find. Kinda like when they said the term 'war on terror' would no longer be used - while continuing to bomb the shit out of everything that moves along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Smokin' Afghani opium

The taste and aroma of opium is very sweet, sweeter than any cannabis I've ever smoked. Smoking (or eating) it produces a mild and very pleasant high. Opium's availability is rather limited, so many of you may not have had the pleasure. Far more of you, however, have experienced hydrocodone and/or oxycodone (Vicodin and Percocet, respectively). These drugs are semi-synthetic morphine, derived from thebaine - and much more powerful than opium. And when washed down with alcohol, as happens more often than it should, the results are unpredictable and dangerous. But I digress...

Are you a marijuana merchant?

With all the talk recently about creating a regulated market to control the sale and distribution of cannabis, I'm wondering what all the marijuana merchants think. Will this ruin your business or will it help? I want to hear from you! As we do every Thursday, we'll be live! tonight at 9pm eastern. If you are a marijuana merchant (or "drug dealer" to the asshole prohibitionists...), please give me a call tonight and tell me what you think. The Opium Den skype ID is thenewlibertarian, and our phone number is 1.727.493.2205.

O, the tangled weaves of Webb...

As many of you know, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) has introduced Senate bill S-714: The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009. S-714 is designed to take a look at the problems of our criminal justice system, mostly as they relate to drug prohibition. While it is an interesting coincidence that the numerical designation of the bill is the same as one of the most popular love drugs of the 70s - Quaalude 714 - it seems no coincidence that the Commission will be a time-consuming one: 18 months.

Al Queda and Al Capone: two peas from the same poisonous pod

I trust that everyone tuning in live! last night to hear Randall H. Miller speak about Islamic terror organization's involvement in the global drug trade found it fascinating - I certainly did. But if you were otherwise engaged, don't fret! Later today my technical guru, Dan Rotigel, will make it available in The Opium Den archives for download. You will want to hear what Randall has to say - a very bright guy. And be sure to follow him at RandallHMiller.com.

Religion is no longer the opiate to the masses - it's the crack cocaine

The Opium Den is all about drugs. So tonight we'll be discussing the most addictive and destructive drug of all time: religion. My guest will be Randall H. Miller. Mr. Miller is an educator and blogger, with a Master's Degree in Diplomacy (focusing on International Terrorism) and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He served as a US Army officer in both the 2lD Infantry Division in South Korea and the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg.

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